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Videography & Photography

About Me

About Me

Woman in Athens, Greece holding a camera and taking pictures

About Me

I am Femke Van Crombrugge, a 19-year-old videographer and photographer with 8 years of experience. From a young age, I discovered my passion for capturing images when I started recording YouTube videos. Since then, I have honed my skills and have been working as a professional photographer, videographer, and video editor for the past 3 years. So, I started my own company Grey Lynx Productions in 2022. My focus is on capturing special moments, events, businesses, and activities, and telling stories through visuals. I have collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from individuals to companies, and I take great pleasure in capturing their vision and translating it into powerful imagery. If you are interested in my work or would like to collaborate, feel free to get in touch.





Videocamera fully rigged out with a monitor, lenses, tripod


My videography service offers professional and creative video production for various needs. Whether you're looking to capture a special event, promote your business, or create engaging content. With my expertise in videography, we bring stories to life through dynamic visuals, compelling narratives, and skillful editing. My goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with videos that engage, inspire, and resonate with your viewers.

A old camera on a strap ready to take pictures


I specialize in capturing moments that matter through my photography service. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I strive to deliver high-quality images that beautifully preserve memories. From events to portraits, I provide professional photography that captures the essence of my subjects and tells a visual story. Trust me to bring your vision to life through my lens.

Computer with monitor and keyboard in black and white

Video Editing

I specialize in video editing, where I bring your footage to life. With precision and creativity, I transform raw clips into polished and engaging videos. Whether it's for films, commercials, vlogs, or social media content, I provide professional editing that enhances your visuals, sound, and overall storytelling. Trust me to deliver captivating videos that leave a lasting impact on your audience. Let's make your vision come to life through the power of editing.

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